The Parent Ambassadors Enhancing Communication with Vulnerable Families
This film, which has been commissioned by Securing Success, explains and celebrates the Parent Ambassador Initiative which is operating in some Barnet and Harrow primary and secondary schools. It showcases 2 schools, Edgware Primary and Hatch End High and includes interviews with headteachers, teachers, parent ambassadors and parents. The initiative aims to work with vulnerable families, including refugees and asylum seekers, in order to help parents support their children to meet their potential in school. There are scenes demonstrating parent ambassadors working with parents and interviews with senior staff. In addition there are shots of the 'Becoming a Parent Ambassador Course' which trains parent ambassadors in preparation for their role. Reference is made to the 'Train the Trainer' courses which equip professionals in mainstream and supplementary schools to deliver the 'Becoming a Parent Ambassador Course' in their sectors. All training may be accessed and purchased through Securing Success. To find out more, contact Joy Collins, CEO, Securing Success.

Parent ambassadors are employed by mainstream schools to:
  • facilitate effective communication between parents, families and school
  • support the successful induction and inclusion of pupils and students
  • aid the integration of parents and families through engagement with schools and signpost other services e.g. ESOL classes, supplementary schools
  • enhance the understanding of school staff regarding the challenges faced by some communities
The Becoming a Parent Ambassador Course
This successful course explores the work of the Parent Ambassador, builds the confidence of participants and prepares them to take on the role.

It is a nine module course covering six key learning outcomes which are:
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of school staff
  • Understanding policies and procedures relevant to a school
  • Understanding the types of information required by parents and school staff
  • Knowing how to communicate with parents and school staff
  • Understanding barriers to learning
  • Understanding the safeguarding requirements within school

Participants on a recent course said:

"All the aspects of the course were useful, but for me the most important thing is that now I'm able to help more parents and children from school and be more confident about the role."

"Really enjoyed the course. Found what I learned very interesting and useful."

"The training has given me confidence."

"I found all the information and the discussions with the other parent ambassadors very useful."

Course content:
  • Overview of the success of the Parent Ambassador programme
  • The contribution of parent ambassadors to children's progress
  • Responsibilities of the school in supporting the parent ambassador role
  • The rationale for the Becoming a Parent Ambassador programme
  • Delivery of the course including the scheme of work, lesson plans and assessments


For further details about the courses outlined above contact Joy Collins, CEO, Securing Success

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