Quality Mark
The Quality Mark for Supplementary Education is a voluntary accreditation scheme designed to enhance and strengthen supplementary schools. Securing Success works with the National Resource Centre to provide local support for supplementary schools to achieve the Quality Mark. For further information refer to the NRCSE.
Helping pupils flourish
The Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR, 2016) published a report commissioned by John Lyon's Charity to explore the contribution made by supplementary schools. The report advocates closer partnerships with mainstream schools and provides some examples of partnerships. The report considers:
  • Challenges facing mainstream schools
  • The contribution that supplementary schools make
  • Expanding the offer of mainstream schools
  • Recommendations

The full report can be found at: Saturdays for Success: How Supplementary Education Can Support Pupils From All Backgrounds To Flourish.

See their illustrated leaflet summarising the research and tailored for headteachers: Making Supplementary Schools Work For Your School

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